An Opportunity For A New Beginning.


It is fascinating to see how fast things are moving in the world even though we are all sitting at home. There is an energy that is unseen and yet we all can feel it. We feel still yet the Earth is busy refreshing itself. Posts of clear skies, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, rare animals, clean canals and rare flowers are everywhere. Suddenly the world revitalized and we are witness to it. 

Our world has changed. Life as we have known it is become history before our eyes. I never imagined we would be working from home, our children would be studying from home, we would do all of our shopping from home, we would be wearing masks when we meet people and no one would be traveling. My bucket list has changed completely and my priorities have also been informed by the silent energy driving these changes. This silent energy is a constant presence, which I am grateful for yet it is unsettling. These changes have taught me more about life than I have learned in over 50 years.

This is a moment of pause for each one of us. It is forcing us to ask what we really want from life. What is the pursuit of our life? What do we want to leave behind for the next generation who will inherit the world from us? These are almost inconceivable questions but they are being asked of us at this moment. We are being forced to look deep within for the answers.

Who do we want to be when this is over? We know that we want to maintain the intimacies we have created with our family during this time. We need to be less driven to consume constantly and more aware of what matters to us. We need to be conscious of the energies that we create and we need to be more responsible in how we live in this world. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, a once in a generation chance to make the world a better place. This is the opportunity for a new beginning.