The Importance Of Positive Impact

The Importance Of Positive Impact

At Aranyani, it is essential for me to ensure that our team members feel a sense of satisfaction as contributors to our philosophy and values. This allows for them to not just see themselves as part of a whole, but also inspires them to do their best work, and be their best selves. And my greatest hope is that they carry these experiences and emotions with them even if they leave us and go to other brands or companies. 

There is really nothing more important than positive impact, which I define as a state in which two or more parties work together cohesively, without harming anyone else even if they are outside of this collaboration.

At a company like ours, positive impact has many implications. the most crucial is the way in which we work every day, with mutual respect, understanding and appreciation. If the workplace has the energy of kindness, healthy productivity and a goal that everyone is aligned with, everything we produce also contains that energy. At the end of the day, while the bottomline matters, the manner in which we achieve our financial, production and marketing goals is vital.

When we think about sustainability, this is also a step in that direction. We are a company that embraces ethical production, is zero-waste and cares deeply about the environment. If employees experience burnout or feel stressed or unhappy even as the company meets its environmental promises, that is hardly a sustainable reality. I am not promoting the idea of toxic positivity here, which is a reality too. Our approach is to create as pleasant and encouraging an atmosphere as possible, and be in regular dialogue with our teams so any issues can be addressed in a healthy manner and resolved without escalation or creating a stress point. 

At Aranyani, my team and I focus to keep all these terms and practices as holistic as possible. To us, positive impact includes happiness in the supply chain, employees, craftspeople and all stakeholders, which eventually translates into luxury goods of the highest standard, which make our customers happy. We seek to create that bonding with everyone who is part of the Aranyani universe.