The Potency Of Semi-Precious Stones

We all need a talisman today. Something to remind us that things will get better. That all hope is not lost. That life and the universe are cyclical. And that the strength, courage and positivity we need are all within us. A crystal is the perfect talisman.

Semi-precious, ancient stones imbued with healing properties, crystals such as dendrite opal, sunstones and sodalite all contain unique and powerful energies. And we use them in our signature Stone Drops collections.
A handbag is a modern woman's favourite accessory. It is the everyday jewel or the special occasion piece. Either way, it tells her story and is a repository of her possessions. What we hope for with our Stone Drops bags is that the healing energies of each stone fill our customer's day with good vibes. The dendrite opal, for instance, is believed to foster clarity and offer hope for growth and strength. Sunstones reduce stress and increase vitality. And sodalite helps create emotional balance and ward off panic attacks. We choose our stones with the greatest care and from the finest sources. And we offer bespoke services as well.

Whether or not you choose to believe that a crystal can change your mood or your day, its beauty is undeniable. And if that comes with a side-benefit of positive vibrations, what could be better?