Unity In Diversity - The Path For Fashion Fraternity

The vedas declared “Ekoham Bahusyam” which means ‘From One came many’. There cannot be a more apt statement than the above in today’s times. 

At Aranyani, we were busy for our launch in February 2020 after a successful test run in New York in the month of December 2019. We heard of the ‘virus’ scenario in China by then. A handful of buyers came to view the collection, loved it but was already showing their concern over the situation turning into a Pandemic. By end February 2020, we realised no one was willing to commit and by March 2020, the pandemic was announced by WHO. For us, we initially felt low for such a shocking start. But as we watched what unfolded before all of our eyes, we realised how ready we are for what is coming as our future.

Aranyani is inspired by the Vedic values and the opulence of the Maharajas of India and of course the history of India. India has always been know as the go to place for jewellery all over the world. Francesca Cartier Brickell, in her book on The Cartiers recalled “....the historic connection between the Cartiers and India - from the Maharajas’ staggering jewellery commissions to my great-grandfather Jacque Cartier’s gem-buying missions around the country.”

The Maharajas of India also chose the Vedas as their guide to the governance of their kingdom. The vedas encourage us all to respect all beings in this world as having equal rights to live in this planet. A lot of concepts from India have always revered Mother Earth and all the living beings that belong to her. Nature has inspired the lives of the Indians. Hemachandra, the famed mathematician of Ancient India, has placed his theory of the Golden proportion based on his learnings from nature. Taking inspiration from his works, the Italian mathematician, Fibonacci further propagated this theorem.

At Aranyani, we have incorporated three basic values inspired from the vedas in the way we conduct our business. SAI, the three values, represent Service, Awareness and Inclusivity. We have seen what we have done to our beautiful planet or Mother Earth in our drive to increase Conspicuous Consumption. Inclusivity is a very important factor to make that change from today’s Capitalism towards Stakeholder Capitalism, a system where it necessitates for us all to take into consideration every single impact that we make across all our stakeholders when we take a decision. For example, when we make a bag at Aranyani, we segregate and then create other products or find other uses in order to achieve zero wastage as much as possible. This will minimise the impact we have on our environment.

This situation has also brought light the important fact that we are all connected no matter what our skin colour is or race, language or even the wealth that we hold. The virus does not differentiate. Our planet that we live in, Mother Earth never differentiates simply because a real mother never differentiates among her children. The vedas, by proclaiming our Earth as mother has made it simple for us to realise who it is that we are harming. And as her children, we need to unite together and give true value to the customers. The vedas proclaimed ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ which means ‘treat your guest (customers/stakeholders) as your God. Let us think carefully then who is it that we are offering?

At Aranyani, we chose the path of offering what India historically is renowned for : pristine luxury at its highest form or Opulence. The maharajas shared his gold, silver, precious and semi precious stones to his people. India was minting gold coins since at least 500 BC onwards. Gold gilding became a beautiful art form. Artists were patronised by the gracious rulers and were given these precious metals and stones. This inspired us to incorporate the semi precious stones and even adapt the gold gilding art on to our bags. India is known for its very very humane heritage where people prospered and trade blossomed. We, at Aranyani will always strive to offer this Humane Heritage of Opulance.

Art thrives where creativity is encouraged. There are so many examples of great art forms all over the world. Let us stand together and incorporate all these art forms as a beautiful bouquet of ever refreshing flowers to our consumers. Create choices through beauty and not just financing options. Create everlasting products. I believe that consumers pay willingly if an offering touches their soul. We can achieve that as creative people of the fashion fraternity. Let us unite in that cause.