Top Handle

Sunset Orange, Tropical Blue
EUR 2,900.00GBP 2,900.00INR 165,000.00AED 11,600.00USD 2,900.00
available colors

The Aranyani Top Handle Bag is inspired by the architectural elegance of the palaces of Rajasthan as seen in the shape of its flap.
The bag features three compartments with one each on the front and the back, for you to store your essentials and cards.
It is intricately handcrafted using the full grain French calf napa leather and adorned with Smoky Quartz gemstones.
The additional shoulder strap lends fluidity to style, offering you multiple ways to wear it.


  • Material: Full-grain French calf napa leather.
  • Lining: Ottoman weave in a rich cotton-silk blend.
  • Finish: Antique Gold Finish.
  • Dimensions(LxHxW): 9” (L) x 12” (H) x 3.5” (W).
  • Bejeweled with the Smoky Quartz gemstone.

Aranyani’s use of gemstones is inspired on one hand by the dainty dew drops that transform into nature’s jewels and on the other by the myriad reflections of the sun and the moon in the waters of a lake. Gemstones are highly valued and are enigmatic in their near-mystical powers, famed healing properties, and the vibrations they create.

Aranyani products are handcrafted by skilled craftspeople using centuries-old traditions and, with proper care, can not only last a lifetime but also become even more beautiful with age.

Authenticity Certificate & Warranty

Aranyani handbags arrive with a 1-year warranty in the case of new goods, commencing with the delivery of the goods to the customer in accordance with the agreed terms of delivery. In line with our transparency credo, each Aranyani handbag contains a card with a unique QR code that can be scanned to obtain all the details of your handbag including who handcrafted it and the authenticity certificate.


For regular care, briskly sweep your leather bag with a soft, light-colored, lint-free cloth to clean it. If your product requires deeper cleaning, we recommend you contact our customer support team to arrange for expert Aranyani aftermarket care. If you do wish to risk cleaning your product at home, we recommend using a good leather cleaner. Apply in a circular motion, and wipe with a barely moistened cloth to avoid clogging the pores of the leather. Note that slight variance in the depth of colour may occur after cleaning. This is not a defect but a feature of full-grain French calf nappa leather. Being constructed from natural materials, each product is unique with slightly varying colour-fastness and texture.


The regular and careful application of a good quality leather conditioner will keep your product soft and supple and will prevent flaking and wrinkling. Depending on your climate, apply conditioner at least twice a year, and no more than once a month. Apply a small amount of conditioner to a soft cloth and gently rub over the leather until it's absorbed.


When not in use, stuff your leather bag with clean bubble wrap or parchment paper to restore and hold its shape. (Never use a newsprint as the ink may stain your product.) Place your stuffed leather bag in its original dust bag, along with silica gel packets to absorb moisture. If you are storing your bag for an extended period, air it out regularly to prevent mould growth.

The “don't” list

Avoid exposing your bags to household chemicals, perfume, or hairspray, as these can cause accessories (stones and metals) to lose their natural lustre. Avoid contact with anything that may stain your bags, such as oils, inks, dyes, cosmetics or dark liquids. Avoid regular contact with dark garments (especially dark denim), as this may discolour lighter-coloured leather. Avoid overstuffing your bag, especially with rigid or odd-shaped items, and this may stretch the leather and cause the bag to lose its shape.

Repairs and After Sales Service

Aranyani offers the best in class after-sales service at our atelier in Bangalore, India for a charge determined on a case-to-case basis. Our in-house experts will ensure that your handbags receive the best servicing possible. Once the repairs and charges are determined, the product needs to be sent to us in the original packaging with a copy of the invoice.

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