Unseen Connections

AW 2023-2024

The forest ecosystem is the co-dependence, sustenance, and existence of a myriad of life forms, roots and branches, trees and scrubs, bugs and slugs, bees and birds, caterpillars and butterflies, pebbles and moss, mushrooms and lichen, leaves and bark, brooks rocks, — all flourishing in harmony amidst the unseen powerful spiritual.

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In the heart of our Christmas collection, the Tara clutch stands out.
Tara, meaning "star" in Sanskrit, is also revered as the Goddess of felicity and sanguineness.

The Atelier

Synchronized with the harmony in chaos, nurturing, caring & protecting everything that dwells within it – our elegant slow hand-crafting prioritizes this harmony over efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art Atelier exudes the Soul of Bharat through heritage artistry fused with a haute grandiose.

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“Luxury Necessitates Positive Impact”

- Haresh Mirpuri

All life needs other life to survive. Life is the interdependence alongside a symbiotic existence with every being drawing every necessity from their environment. Aranyani is an ecosystem of a closely knit community of artists, designers, craftsmen & women and support personnel whose relationships and state of being is intertwined within their camaraderie & the society around. Surviving and thriving together in an ecology of positivity and intuitive connections.

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“An organism that is too greedy and takes too much without giving anything in return destroys what it needs for life.”

― Peter Wohlleben