Why Our Stone Drop Collection Is Rooted In Beauty And Magic

In the world of shiny, sparkling objects, gemstones always get more attention, but crystals have a magic and power of their own. To start with, these naturally-formed materials are made up of fascinating lattices, which contribute to their beauty and iridescence. Some crystal formations are - and deserve to be - museum pieces in their own right. At Aranyani, we were drawn to not just the colours, cuts and exquisite uniqueness of crystals, but also their properties. Across time and cultures, crystals have been valued for their healing, soothing and almost mystical powers. The two we work with in our Stone Drops collection are Tiger's Eye and Hematite. The former protects you from negative energies, helps centre your mind and align your chakras. The latter is grounding, cooling and calming. By incorporating crystals into our designs, we wanted to add an element of magic to an everyday object. So when you carry an Aranyani bag from the Stone Drops collection, not only are you adding a stylish accessory to your look, but you're also tapping into a positive and very unique energy.