The atelier concept originated in India before it was embraced in Europe, inspiring some of the fashion houses to create their own ones.

Aranyani’s state-of-the-art atelier, based in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru, takes its inspiration from this Indian concept. Founder and Creative Director, Haresh Mirpuri’s team trains alongside the top leather craftspeople from Europe’s leading fashion and luxury brands for three years before they begin working in the Aranyani Atelier. In keeping with the brand's spirit and identity, we bring together the best heritage artistry from India and manufacturer them on our bags in a contemporary aesthetic.

Aranyani’s atelier provides an inspiring and enriching environment for the artisans and craftsmen to collaborate and create. Each Aranyani handbag is the result of their collective inspirations, talents and dedicated craftsmanship.

Aranyani Design Principles

Our design principles are inspired by nature and crafted by tradition. Nature inspires us to see harmony in creative chaos and prioritize this harmony over efficiency in all aspects of our state-of-the-art atelier. The handbag design exudes the soul of India while the artwork on the bags are all heritage artistry in a modern style.

Setting Precious Gemstones

The precious gemstones used in the Stone Drops collection are all hand-cut with precision before being skilfully set in the rims. Each rim holds 50 carats of the respective gemstones.

Hand-painting & hand-embroidery

Aranyani has imaginatively pioneered the combination of hand-painting and hand-embroidery in the creation of the Kesuda collection. The Kesuda has been created with eight different embroidery techniques - the chain stitch, the running stitch, the kat dana, the salli githai, the loth, the ‘spring’ stitch, the kante (needle) work, and the palti taaka (reverse stitch). More than 3500 hand-stitches go into its creation in the spirit of the flower’s natural beauty.

24K gold gilding

Aranyani has mastered the Indian heritage technique of 24-karat gold-gilding and pioneered its use on leather. As a special personalization option for you, our valued customers, we also gild your initials on your chosen Aranyani bag.