Why Wellness Matters, And How It Influences Us At Aranyani

Why Wellness Matters, And How It Influences Us At Aranyani

Why wellness matters, and how it influences us at Aranyani

As much as it is now a buzzword and a trend, wellness and the act of taking care of ourselves and one another is an ancient practice. Every religion and source of wisdom reminds us that we are a reflection of the world around us, and vice versa - the energy we radiate and absorb matters very much. At Aranyani, we take this tenet to heart. We believe that in order to create a truly ethical product, every aspect of how we run our business matters.

Our atelier in Bangalore is located in Whitefield, on a verdant campus. Aranyani is named for the goddess of the forests and it is only fitting, then, that where the brand is rooted pays homage to nature. All of our employees are surrounded by a beautiful garden and orchard as they work, because we want to spend each day in a positive, and healing environment. While we cannot escape the constraints of an urban life, we can make our surroundings as green as possible, which is what we have accomplished here.

Each of our highly skilled artisans not only have access to our gardens and an organic farm, we also encourage them to spend time outdoors. A much-loved activity after work is playing volleyball, which is fun of course and helps them build hand-eye coordination which is very important for the meticulous work they do.

Wellness is not a goal that any of us can achieve one day and then move on from. It has to be a state of being that we continuously build on and improve. That is our philosophy at Aranyani - to create a workplace, and promote an environment that helps and encourages people to constantly feel their best. So we can then do our best and create a quality, conscious luxury product that brings this energy home to our customers.